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The lead contained in the scrap battery is recycled and used as raw material. The battery, which is passed through various processes in the recycling plant, is formed by pure lead (99.9%) or antimony lead in 30 kg and 300 kg molds according to the demands of our customers by melting the lead in it.


After the Lead Ingot is melted, the liquid lead is poured into a cylinder molds of 9.2 cm in diameter and 13 cm in length and it is shaped at a weight of 9 kg.


The lead wire is converted into a wire with a thickness ranging from 3 mm up to 16 mm according to the customer's request and production style with the press machine and it is in the form of a spool weighing 50 kg and ready for sell.


12 CAL Hunting Slug are produced entirely by DKC AV Industry on our own, with the same quality standard homogeneous and smooth shape in every single piece. Specially designed for the big hunts, due to the air channels on its sides , achieves the target quickly and effectively,has an aerodynamic design. Our 12 Cal slugs especially designed for the ribbed riffle accuratelly hits the target and leads to instant lethal effect.


DKC AV Industry can produce Buck Shots from 4mm up to 8,60 mm and it offers products both at the local and international market. Perfectly rounded, with the customers preferable size and hardness dimensions.


Homogeneous and smooth structure with the top level roundness . Produced in desired hardness and size. Lead Shots are used in hunting cartridge production for hunting and sporting purposes. It is produced according to the demands of domestic and foreign customers in every size from 1.75 mm to 3,50 mm.