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Strong, Growing, Leader

We are a strong suppliers of the lead industry from 2009 until the day and we provide production, sales, marketing, distribution and logistics services of lead consumables by undertaking the role of bridge between producers

We work with our suppliers in an efficient and professional manner and we serve our customers both locally and abroad.

In 2017, our company has started to produce Lead Shot for the hunting rifle, Buck Shots , Hunting slugs, Lead Wires and Lead Billets in accordance with the latest technology and acquired quality as a principle. Our company continues to operate as leader of the sector.

We aim to create more added value to our country's economy and to be beneficial to the sector and economy by producing high-value products that are sensitive to environment. By recycling lead-containing products, we are creating environmentally friendly and highly value-added end products from our recycled products at the same time.

We know the value of time. We deliver our customers' needs in a timely and complete manner with technological sub-production.


Our company's way in the Lead sector started by collecting scrap battery and scrap lead. The whole process is under control including the raw material recycling process and quality of the end produced product. Our products are packed and sold with the obligatorily quality control by expert team.